Thursday, 10 September 2009


Today marks her third birthday!

Another project from the people (IE me) who bring you this site.
Mr Bewley himself has been in contact and we hope to get it off the ground asap! Check it out atm!

Sunday, 6 September 2009

Too Much or Too Cool?

So yeah there's millions of twilight/new moon merch out there some of which is undoubtly super cool, rosalie's necklace, cut outs anyone? But the chocolates? and now THIS!
I beg please stop cheapening the saga, anyone else agree?

New Bella/Edward pic

Not great quality, but it's a mag scan so what can you expect? :P

Another cute picture of Jasper and Alice at school presumbly from the outfit Alice is wearing, anyone else still loling @ jasper's hair?

Poor Jackson

Friday, 4 September 2009

Life after Alice

We told you the other day how Ashley had jumped on plane away from Vancouver, to an unknown location, it appears that it was to California, JustJared have the pictures and some information
"After landing at LAX the day before, Ashley Greene puts on her best purple as she arrives at a casting office for an audition on Thursday afternoon (September 3) in Santa Monica, Calif.
Read more:"

Thursday, 3 September 2009

Media Games

So yeah we all know that the media like to fabricate stories, and STEWITSON are one of their fave topics of debate, but to go as far as modifying pictures? Surely they realised our twihard eagle eyes would spot it?! OH DEAR

OK magazine feature this can
did, and yeah clearly a show of PDA? Yes? Until you see the following pictures

Picture #1 RPATTZ all by his wee self.

Picture #2 Kristen, Nikki and Kellan all enjoying some off screen sibilingness

And then picture #3 the one featured in OK.

Ashley aka Alice at airport

Why is she leaving Vancouver? Finished filming for a while, or does she just need a wee break?
What do you think?

Check the rest of the pics over at Celebrity gossip